Here you’ll find information on each of Kelly Long’s novels in series order, starting with the most recent. Click on each book cover for the back cover copy and buttons that lead to your favorite bookstore sites. To view all books by release date click here.


Amish Mail Order Grooms


Marrying Matthew
Courting Caleb


Amish Pie


Apple of His Eye


Ice Mountain

Please Note: The Ice Mountain Series is NOT for young or teenage readers. These novels are for Adults only and Adults should know going in that this particular series was written to explore complex and difficult issues. Yet, Gott triumphs over the ways that people wrestle with the world and themselves. Thank you. Kelly M. Long


The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain
An Amish Man of Ice Mountain
The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain
An Amish Courtship on Ice Mountain
An Amish Match on Ice Mountain
An Amish Wedding Feast on Ice Mountain


Patch of Heaven


Sarah’s Garden
Lilly’s Wedding Quilt
Threads of Grace




Amish Midwives
The Barefoot Brides Collection
The Amish Christmas Candle
The Amish Christmas Kitchen
An Amish Christmas Sleigh
An Amish Christmas Quilt
An Amish Kitchen
An Amish Wedding
An Amish Christmas
An Amish Love